Cassani on the demise of Italian cycling -

Google News | Cycling - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 02:32

Cassani on the demise of Italian cycling
New Italian national coach Davide Cassani has admitted that Italian cycling faces an uphill struggle if it is to hold its own as professional cycling becomes more and more globalised and Italian cycling become poorer and poorer. Cassani was at the pre ...

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Rodgers & Brailsford 'two of a kind'

BBC Sport | Cycling - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 02:02
A psychologist who works with Liverpool likens manager Brendan Rodgers to ex-British Cycling team boss Sir Dave Brailsford.
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Trans Iowa V10: Cutting!

Guitar Ted Productions - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 01:30
Chop shop.Note: Loyal readers and casual visitors to this blog beware! This week is the lead up to my production of the 10th Trans Iowa gravel road event which happens this coming Saturday and Sunday. I have pretty much nothing else going on in my brain that isn't related to this event, so that's the content for the next two weeks, most likely. You've been warned!

Well the cues are all printed! WooHoo! One hurdle jumped, but there are others yet to clear before Friday. I will say that getting these printed is a big hurdle to jump through though!

Printing took about 500 sheets of card stock, three regular Model 74 HP ink cartridges and one Model 74 x-tra large ink cartridge. With that done, it moves on to the cutting phase.

This is another big hurdle, and once it is crossed, the cues are pretty much ready to consume. All I have to do with them is separate them into packets for each rider. Easier said than done though, as trimming down the cues to fit into their baggies takes a lot of manual labor. I'm using the shop's rickety old cutter too, which makes things.........interesting. There definitely is a skill to using this old thing and if you get lazy, it bites back! Not that it cuts me, but rather, it doesn't cut. It just bends the paper instead of cutting it making a mess of things. So far, so good. No ruined cues, but I have already come close.

I've gotten as far as getting the cues cut and stuffed for Checkpoint #1 with the exception of about the last 25 sets. Then I'll move on to sets two and three. For the record, there are four cue cards to Checkpoint #1, Six to Checkpoint #2, and eight cue cards to the Finish. Speaking of "finish", I better get on with things so I can!
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5 incredibly easy Earth Day tips from ocean athletes

GrindTV - Tue, 04/22/2014 - 01:27
Paddle Into Fitness founder Gillian Gibree pitches in during an Ocean Minded beach cleanup—a great Earth Day option. Photo courtesy Ocean Minded

Paddle Into Fitness founder Gillian Gibree pitches in during an Ocean Minded beach cleanup—a great Earth Day option. Photo courtesy Ocean Minded

We think it’s pretty safe to say everyone wants to help protect our oceans and waterways. If you don’t, well, you’ve got a cold heart, friend. You’ve also seriously underestimated how much we depend on having a source of clean drinking and bathing water, and a healthy, sustainable source of edible marine food. But we also understand that the thought of tackling the issues threatening these waterways can be a little overwhelming when you’ve got dry cleaning and deadlines.

Enter the Ocean Minded ambassadors, a team of ocean athletes who are well versed in the simple, surprisingly easy things you can do to lend a hand. And there’s no better time to pick your favorite and give it a shot than on Earth Day, which takes place on April 22. Here, five “do it today” tips from the Ocean Minded team:

Say no to plastic
Forgetting your reusable bag may not seem like a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but every piece of plastic has a chance of ending up in our oceans, where it can be ingested by marine animals and, in turn, enter the food chain and end up on your dinner plate. “Make sure to use reusable bags for grocery shopping to cut back on plastic use,” says Gillian Gibree, founder of Paddle into Fitness SUP yoga studio. Surfer Hailey Partridge stashes foldable ChicoBags in her purse, while her twin sister, Sierra, brings her own fork when she goes out to eat. (Try stashing a clean one in your purse or on the dashboard of your car so you don’t forget.) Surfer Avery Aydelotte makes waste-free lunches: “I pack my lunch every day for school and I use reusable pouches instead of plastic baggies.” Check out for colorful pouches, or buy Sierra Partridge’s utensil set at

Ocean Minded signs remind beachgoers to clean up after themselves, Earth Day and every day. Photo courtesy Ocean Minded

Ocean Minded signs remind beachgoers to clean up after themselves, Earth Day and every day. Photo courtesy Ocean Minded

Turn off the waterworks
“Life in the dormitories at [University of California Santa Barbara] has taught me many things, but one of the most shocking is how much water people use,” says surfer Lulu Erkeneff. “Whether it be standing in the shower for an extra couple of minutes or leaving the sink on when washing your hands, those moments represent a precious resource going to waste.” She suggests taking time every day to reflect on your water usage and finding ways to cut back, which will conserve clean water and help reduce runoff into waterways and oceans.

Shop local
Shop at your local farmers’ market or sign up for a CSA (community supported agriculture) box so you can get local and fresh produce every week, suggests Sierra Partridge. “Not only is eating locally grown food fresher and tastes better,” she says, “it also has to travel less of a distance to get to you, which is less taxing on the environment.”

Ocean Minded is dedicated to keeping oceans clean by organizing beach cleanups all over the world. Here, a breakdown of what makes up a pound of trash. Photo courtesy Ocean Minded

Ocean Minded is dedicated to keeping oceans clean by organizing beach cleanups all over the world. Here, a breakdown of what makes up a pound of trash. Photo courtesy Ocean Minded

When you clean, be clean
Name-brand housecleaning products are often laden with toxic chemicals. The good news? There are plenty of all-natural swaps you can make and keep a clean home. “You can pretty much clean your whole house with baking soda and vinegar,” says Aydelotte. “But if you don’t want to do that, there are a lot of options out there now that you can buy that won’t harm our lakes and oceans.” Avoid ingredients like butyl cellosolve, common in all-purpose, window, and other types of cleaners; perchloroethylene, a spot remover; and nonylphenol ethoxylate, a common detergent. These ingredients could cause damage to the liver, kidneys, bone marrow, and nervous system and easily pollute waterways.

Lulu Erkeneff longboarding; photo courtesy Ocean Minded

Lulu Erkeneff longboarding; photo courtesy Ocean Minded

Power off
One of the easiest things you can do on Earth Day is to pledge to turn off your power and electronics for an hour—that’s it! “If you could spend an hour or more without any electronics, even your phone, every day, that would reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere and making our oceans more acidic,” says Erkeneff. “Leave your phone at home and take some time to enjoy the beauty of nature without any distractions. Not only will it make you feel refreshed and happier, but it will also positively impact our environment.”

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Iron City Bikes Grand Opening Party

Urban Velo - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 23:22

ICB_lvillegrandopen_webLongtime Urban Velo supporter Iron City Bikes is celebrating the grand opening of their second location with a serious party. We’re talking free beer, food, giveaways and live performances by 10 time national trials champion Mike Steidley.

If you’re in Pittsburgh on April 27th, stop by anytime from 10 am until 8 pm. Visit for more.

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Richmond streets being repaved for cycling race - Richmond Times Dispatch

Google News | Cycling - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 23:10

Richmond streets being repaved for cycling race
Richmond Times Dispatch
Road crews have been busy around downtown Richmond the past couple of weeks repaving streets in preparation for next weekend's CapTech USA Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships. The road work is part of an effort to prepare the city for a ...

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Endura Xtract Jacket: On Test

Twenty Nine Inches - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 23:04

Endura Xtract Jacket: On Test- by Guitar Ted

Spring: That time of year around these parts when you may still need Winter gear in the morning, rain gear in the mid-day, and be wearing shorts and a jersey by late afternoon. That means I have to be prepared for a wide range of conditions if I am to be out cycling all day. Lightweight, packability, and high performance are all things I would like to have ion my gear for this time of year. Ya know……because I can’t be dragging around a closet full of gear when I ride! When Endura announced this new Xtract packable jacket, I sent for one to test straight away, because it fits what I need for this time of year to a “T”, at least by the sounds of it. Obviously time and riding will tell. Here is the press from Endura on the new Xtract…..

Endura's packable Xtract Jacket

Endura’s packable Xtract Jacket

“- A lightweight, ultra packable waterproof is a year round essential – especially if you live in the UK. Scottish all-weather experts Endura have just added a new jacket to their extensive range of waterproofs: the Xtract. It is the perfect companion for epic road rides, leisure rides in the park or blasting through the city, providing great emergency protection from the elements and packing down small enough to easily fit into your jersey pocket So what’s the USP of the Endura Xtract Jacket? In short, the Xtract Jacket is lightweight, ultra packable, waterproof, breathable, and it won’t break the bank.

The Xtract Jacket’s fabric is not only technically impressive, it also features a lovely soft touch outer and a smooth inner surface. The minimalist jacket is cut in an athletic fit that still leaves a bit of room for layering, and it comes with a neat little stuff sack, packing down to the size of a can of Irn Bru. Mesh ventilation on the back aids breathability further. The jacket also features a spacious concealed security mesh pocket, elasticated cuffs, neck and hem for a great fit, reflective trims, and a full length zip with internal storm flap and zipper garage. It’s available in a men’s version and in a women-specific fit, and looks great in its strong pop colours with contrast zip and detailing. There’s a more subtle black version, too.

- Lightweight waterproof/ breathable ripstop fabric
- Waterproof 5,000mm; Breathable 5,000g/24hrs/m2
- Reflective trims on sleeves and rear centre back
- Elasticated cuffs, neck and hem
- Front zip with full length storm flap and zipper garage
- Centre back mesh vents for optimal breathability
- Concealed security mesh pocket

Complete with stuff sack

Sizes: Men’s S-XXL; Women’s XS-L

Colours: Men’s: Black, Red, High-viz Yellow; Women’s: Black, Ultramarine Blue, High-viz Pink

Born in Scotland – Ridden Worldwide.”

The Xtract in its stuff sack with a couple water vessels for reference.

The Xtract in its stuff sack with a couple water vessels for reference.

Soooo……we will be seeing just how these claims shake out. Endura sent us an example in the Red, which is a brilliant, crimson color. The jacket is shown here to the left in its stuff sack. Pretty small to be sure! This will easily pack into a hydration pack, frame bag, messenger bag, or even a back pocket of a jersey.

With showers and rain forecast in the coming days, I will get a chance to put the Xtract through its paces on commutes, off road rides, and on some longer gravel road excursions. Stay tuned for an Out Of The Box/First Impressions next…..

Note: Endura sent over the Xtract Jacket at no charge to Twenty Nine Inches for test and review. We are not being bribed nor paid for this review and we will strive to give our honest thoughts and opinions throughout.



Twenty Nine Inches - 29er Bike Reviews, Rumors and News

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benjaminjtaylor - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 22:50

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12 great waves from Dane Reynolds

GrindTV - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 22:10
Dane Reynolds soars high above the lip in this screen grab courtesy of Mini Blanchard

Dane Reynolds soars high above the lip in this screen grab courtesy of Mini Blanchard.

Dane Reynolds’ pal and longtime filmer, Jason “Mini” Blanchard, recently dipped into his archives and came up with his favorite shots of Reynolds from over the years. “These are twelve of my best clips of Dane Reynolds. Filmed in Sumbawa, Japan, Hawaii, and California from 2011 – 2013, for various Marine Layer Productions projects such as ‘Excerpt’, ‘Loaded’, and Kai Neville’s ‘Dear Suburbia,’” he stated on his YouTube channel. Reynolds is widely regarded as the world’s best freesurfer, and these 12 waves are further proof that he could give the Kelly Slaters and John John Florences of the world a run for their money in a contest jersey.

Reynolds, who only recently joined the social-media site Instagram, announced the new edit on his account. As expected, his fans were lapping it up; check the comments below for proof.

Photo via Instagram @sealtooth

Photo via Instagram @sealtooth

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Naked gardening with pro surfer Dave Rastovich

Taylor Knox, Benji Weatherly go head to head in ‘Cook or Kook’ culinary battle

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The 'Copenhagen Wheel': The New Bliss of Cycling - International Business Times AU

Google News | Cycling - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 21:40

The 'Copenhagen Wheel': The New Bliss of Cycling
International Business Times AU
Copenhagen Wheel is a wireless pedal assist system attached into any kind of cycling bike. As the name of the technology suggests, the technology is contained in a small red casing attached in the back wheel (overall package), that includes a motor, ...

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Are parking permits a solution to neighborhood parking wars?

BikePortland - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 20:13
Auto parking on Southeast Division Street.
(Photo by M.Andersen)

As the city's transportation director says Portland should stop giving away so much of its on-street parking space for free, a local parking expert is floating one way to do it.

From the embattled 20s Bikeway to Foster's broken bike lanes to the chronic shortage of rental housing in low-car-friendly parts of town, residents' annoyance over the lack of on-street auto parking in central Portland is making it harder for the city to become bike-friendlier. At the Oregon Active Transportation Summit Monday, parking consultant Rick Williams said a paid parking permit program could be the solution — but there are a couple catches.

First, he said, the city should rewrite its rules to let neighborhoods charge more for local parking permits than the systems cost to enforce. Ideally, he said, the city should raise neighborhood parking permit prices from their current level ($60 a year, in the few places where permits are used) to whatever the market will bear.

Second, to make the first option palatable, the city would have to promise that neighborhoods would get to keep the money and put it into better transit, walking, biking, paving — whatever it wants — in its own area.

That'd be a big switch from the way Portland currently runs its paid parking policy. Today, permit programs are only allowed to charge enough to cover enforcement and administration. Williams said this makes the price of parking artificially low; building and maintaining a parking space in central Portland would cost hundreds of dollars per year.

<\/scr"+"ipt>"); //]]>-->


Even in areas where the city makes a profit from parking meters, such as downtown Portland, the city doesn't directly reinvest the money in the area; it redistributes it. Parking revenue accounts for almost a third of the city's general transportation budget, which the city then spends on projects like road repaving, bridge projects and so on.

Blumenauer unveils Gas Price Relief Act-7.jpg Parking consultant Rick Williams.
(Photo: J.Maus/BikePortland)

The problem with this, Williams said, is that it undermines local support for parking districts.

"The public sector is going to have to agree that they're not the ones who are making money on parking," Williams said. "The city needs to make sure [neighborhoods] can keep the money."

Williams' concept didn't come out of the blue. It's the formula laid out by UCLA auto parking scholar Donald Shoup in his influential 2005 book The High Cost of Free Parking. But Williams said that though it's been used in commercial districts, it's never yet been put in place for a residential district in the United States.

Still, Williams said it's the logical answer to neighborhood complaints about crowded curbsides. That's the thinking behind the City of Portland's parking permit system, he said: it's designed to be something a neighborhood asks for, not something a city imposes against residents' will.

"The philosophy is that if things are bad enough, they'll come to you," he said.


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2014 A2 / Taipei

Fixed Gear Girl Taiwan - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 20:00
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Vans Joel Tudor Collection for Spring/Summer 2014

GrindTV - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 18:50


Vans embraces Joel Tudor’s popular signature apparel and footwear collection this spring/summer with a new assortment of styles inspired by 80s army surplus trends and classic Hawaiian prints. The Joel Tudor Collection introduces a new military bubble camo pattern on key styles, serving as the unifying pattern throughout the line and accompanied by complementary earth tones and floral motifs.

For the first time, Vans is introducing a heavyweight canvas surfboard bag to the JT collection. The JT Boardbag, fit for a 6-foot surfboard, comes in Joel’s signature olive green colorway and a pop of yellow on the zipper trim. The JT Seahaven jacket makes its comeback in three new colors: forest green, charcoal and black. The retro favorite, JT Trimline boardshort is offered in two outseams, 18” and 20”, and four colorways including the new all-over bubble camo, vintage colorblock and vibrant floral styles. The Joel Tudor Duffle III is built with a laptop compartment, external zippered pockets, removable shoulder strap and is able to convert to a backpack in a moment’s notice. Finally, the bold JT Admiral Buttondown gives the collection a little pop as a classic slim-fit short sleeve woven with a vintage floral print drawing back to Joel’s favorite Hawaiian shirts collected over the years.

Joel Tudor’s inimitable style is also captured in the Vans Surf Sider collection, featuring two sandal styles, the Nexpa Synthetic and the leather Chandler and one Surf Sider, the Washboard, to complete the collection.Unknown-1Unknown-2

The Vans Joel Tudor Collection is available now. Visit for your nearest authorized dealer now.

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The Hellkaat 50 and the rest of Easter weekend...

Danielle Musto - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 18:31
Finally...spring is here and I kinda, sorta, believe it. I don't know if it's because our winter was so cold, so harsh, or so long, but I have a whole new appreciation for warm weather. Being able to just go out in shorts and a jersey feels amazing and riding trail is a complete novelty.

I had Friday off (from work) and my coach had me scheduled to do a 1-hour spin with a few leg openers. Normally I would do that on a flat road but I lowered the handlebars on my Spearfish and wanted to test the fit out on trail before Ted cut my fork. I headed out to Luton Park and rode a few sections of trail at a really easy pace. I think my total mileage was about 6 miles which means I'll have a total of 11 miles of singletrack under my belt this year before racing the Cohutta 100. Haha (I'm laughing about it now...we'll see how I feel at mile 60). Anyways, my second ride on the Spearfish was just as great as the first. I really love this bike.
I went to bed fairly early Friday night and was up at 5:30 a.m. to get ready for the Hellkaat Hundie.
I was doing the race on my fat bike AND more importantly with my mom (who was racing on her Salsa Vaya). The Hellkaat Hundie had a 50 or 100 mile option and we opted for the 50 miler for two reasons.

1. This was only my mom's 4th time riding this year.
2. There was no way my coach would agree to me doing 100 miles on gravel the weekend before the Cohutta 100.

As I mentioned before the race itself was free, but was also a fundraiser for JDRF. I wasn't sure what the race was going to be like, but there were rumors that the midway point was a convenience store. That meant there would be opportunities to buy gummy bears and payday bars...I was strangely excited about this.

As it turns out, the Hellkaat 50 was everything that I love about the cycling world. A great turnout of cyclists supporting a great cause in a well supported race.
Racers getting ready to "GO!"Sarah, Jill, my mom and I pre-raceThe start was a neutral roll-out out of town and it all went really smoothly. Since this race had a "grassroots feel" to it I wasn't expecting to have cop cars blocking intersections for us...but they did and it allowed us all to stay together. Once we hit gravel, groups started to break off and my mom started pulling. No joke...she was in the front way more then me.
That's my mom up there!!! The whole race was so much fun and I had a blast racing with my mom...even the time when she dropped me on a downhill and I couldn't catch up for the longest time :-)
Me and my mom...
Me and my teammate (Fatty/Metal Martindale)Oh's us again Eventually we got back on our bikes...I promise :-)What a great day and hopefully the event raised some good money for JDRF!!!  I'm counting on the HellKaat Hundie to happen every year now! Gravel road races are becoming my favorite thing to do in the spring time and between Barry-Roubaix, the Lowell 50 and the Hellkaat Hundie we have some good ones around here.

PS. I promise that there won't be any selfies of me racing Cohutta. At least I hope not!!!

Even though I wasn't going all-out race pace I got a good workout in. 50 miles of gravel on a fat bike is no joke and now my focus is to recover, recover, recover. That made for a really low-key Easter at our house.
Very, very low-key!!!It was the type of day where I would have liked to be on my bike all day long, but instead I went out for 1-hour recovery ride with Scott.  Powered by Jelly Beans of course.
From this point on my goal is to continue with recovering and try to get everything packed for my trip down South. This time I'm driving down alone which is kind of a bummer because it's a long drive to do solo in one day. However, Scott the Easter bunny did leave me a Starbucks at least I can stay caffeinated!
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Taylor Knox talks travel, surfing, training, and more on ‘Cote’s Cube’

GrindTV - Mon, 04/21/2014 - 17:38

Hot off his win at the first-ever “Cook or Kook” cooking competition, and in between freesurfing trips that have taken him from Barbados to New Zealand, Taylor Knox had the time to drop by Cote’s Cube for a quick chat covering topics ranging from Knox’s new workout series to Lord of the Rings, Reef girls, the new ASP, and much much more.

“Cote’s Cube” is a low- to no-budget Internet interview show that’s been around just about as long as the Net itself. Hosted and usually shot and edited by Chris Cote, this show has no agenda other than catching up with Cote’s favorite pros, bros, artists, athletes, and friends. Each show has its own unique look and style, ranging from high-gloss slick and beautiful to spastic, messy, noisy, chopped-up nonsense. Warning: Some episodes may cause nausea and/or motion sickness.

High fives with Taylor Knox on the latest episode of “Cote’s Cube.” Screen grab from video

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Staying fit and surfing better with Taylor Knox

Naked gardening with pro surfer Dave Rastovich

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