A Tale Of Two Tubeless Set Ups

Guitar Ted Productions - Mon, 11/30/2015 - 01:30
Tubeless and meant to be.Back in 2012 I had my first experiences with Clement tires and I was playing around with two models- The MSO 40mm and the USH 35mm tires. I liked the MSO straight away, but I wasn't falling in love with the narrower, harsher riding USH. So, I decided upon trying the USH out with the Velocity A-23's in a tubeless manner. That went........well, rather poorly. I struggled for weeks until I finally got the USH tires set up tubeless with some guidance from my friend MG. You can check out a brief recap of the deal by clicking here to read my August 2012 post about it.

The USH was vastly better tubeless, but the tire leaked down a lot, and I wasn't 100% confident in the fit on the rim, being very afraid to raise the pressures above 45psi for fear of blowing them off. That pressure, as it turns out, wasn't high enough to handle me on gravel roads. So, I abandoned the whole deal, and since the USH was a wholly different tire in a worse way with tubes, I never rode them again.

The silver A-23's make the BMC look more classy than ever.Fast forward to November of this year. I received the newest tire from Clement for review on RidingGravel.com. It is a 36mm wide tire in the MSO model. Very similar width to the USH, but with a design that considered tubeless set ups from the onset.

Using the same A-23 rims- as in the exact same ones as I had in 2012- I was able to set up both tires tubeless from the beginning to the end of the process in a half an hour. Compare that to the hours and hours of work and trial and error to get those USH tires to go tubeless and it becomes evident that a specific design for tubeless makes a world of difference here.

Plus, I can run higher pressures since the tire fits better and has an actual tubeless bead that can handle the stresses of being set up tubeless. The sole barrier against you having a great ride or having the tire blow off the rim catastrophically and causing you to biff yourself spectacularly is the bead of the tire and how it fits the rim. And things could go really bad if it were only a folding bead tire like the USH I tried. A real tubeless design? That's peace of mind right there, that's what that is! Now I can have a decent pressure for me and my style of riding. That's important.

One more thing to add, and that is that these are, (hopefully they rectified this), compatible with sealant. The old, folding bead Clements were not getting along with sealants at all. Delaminated casings were the main cause for concern here, but blistering was also noted by some riders. So, say what you will about converting tires that are folding bead, non-tubeless design to tubeless. I ain't listening to that clap-trap. Not when you don't have to do that dance anymore. Now that several tubeless tires from 32mm-42mm tires exist, there is no need to convert something that was never meant to be converted.

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Cycling: Dennis faces tough transition to become Tour de France contender: Evans - Sydney Morning Herald

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 22:44

Sydney Morning Herald

Cycling: Dennis faces tough transition to become Tour de France contender: Evans
Sydney Morning Herald
Cadel Evans warns it could take fellow Australian cycling star Rohan Dennis up to eight years before he can become a Tour de France contender. Evans said he would love to see Dennis become a Grand Tour challenger, but said he faces the same tough ...
Cycling stars line up for Cadel's raceSBS
Nine WorldTour teams confirmed for 2016 Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road RaceCyclingTips

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UC Davis expert to take pro-cycling message to Paris climate conference - Sacramento Bee

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 20:38

Sacramento Bee

UC Davis expert to take pro-cycling message to Paris climate conference
Sacramento Bee
UC Davis transportation expert Lewis Fulton gave up his car years ago. He commutes on a red Trek hybrid bike from his Davis home to a West Village office where he's on the faculty at the Institute of Transportation Studies. When it's grocery time, he ...

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Gerrans disappointed by cycling drama - SBS

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 16:56


Gerrans disappointed by cycling drama
The Australian team's controversy at the world road championships meant a sour end to a season of unprecedented disaster for cycling star Simon Gerrans. He admits to disappointment that so much post-race focus was on their tactics, rather than Michael ...

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norman foster scholarship winner charles palmer discusses cycling in megacities - Designboom

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 15:29


norman foster scholarship winner charles palmer discusses cycling in megacities
CP: 'cycling megacities' is a study into the current conditions for cycling in cities of over ten million people. it has evolved from the idea that we should not only be looking at the small cities of copenhagen and amsterdam — where concepts of 'life ...

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5 reasons why cycling is the new golf - The42

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 14:04


5 reasons why cycling is the new golf
Golf was a victim of the recession as club memberships dwindled. Source: Jon Super. Cycling, of course, can be frustrating too, especially when you're unfit, get rained or you suffer a puncture. However, the latter is rare and every mile you ride is ...

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Results: 2015 Bpost Bank Trofee-Hamme

VeloNews - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 12:52

  • 1. Wout VAN AERT, 58:26
  • 2. Sven NYS, 58:44
  • 3. Kevin PAUWELS, 59:30
  • 4. Lars VAN DER HAAR, 59:51
  • 5. Mathieu VAN DER POEL, 1:00:26
  • 6. Laurens SWEECK, 1:00:30
  • 7. Julien TARAMARCAZ, 1:00:58
  • 8. Tom MEEUSEN, 1:01:01
  • 9. Michael VANTHOURENHOUT, 1:01:07
  • 10. Corne VAN KESSEL, 1:01:25
  • 11. Diether SWEECK, 1:01:32
  • 12. Tim MERLIER, 1:01:36
  • 13. Klaas VANTORNOUT, 1:01:47
  • 14. Gianni VERMEERSCH, 1:02:01
  • 15. Dieter VANTHOURENHOUT, 1:02:13
  • 16. Michael BOROS, 1:02:19
  • 17. Sven VANTHOURENHOUT, 1:02:28
  • 18. Jan DENUWELAERE, 1:02:36
  • 19. Thijs VAN AMERONGEN, 1:02:38
  • 20. Jim AERNOUTS, 1:02:58
  • 21. Joeri ADAMS, 1:03:23
  • 22. Philipp WALSLEBEN, 1:03:47
  • 23. Jens VANDEKINDEREN, 1:03:52
  • 24. Twan VAN DEN BRAND, 1:03:52
  • 25. Rob PEETERS, 1:03:59
  • 26. Radomir SIMUNEK, 1:05:09
  • 27. Patrick VAN LEEUWEN, 1:05:13
  • 28. Vincent BAESTAENS, 1:05:56
  • 29. Angelo DE CLERCQ, 1:06:21
  • 30. Niels WUBBEN
  • 31. Dave DE CLEYN
  • 32. Garry MILLBURN
  • 33. Niels KOYEN
  • 34. Michael VAN DEN HAM
  • 35. Mark MCCONNELL
  • 36. Michael WECHSLER

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With focus on classics, Stybar confirms no worlds CX for 2016

VeloNews - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 12:45

Zdenek Stybar, shown finishing the Boonen and Friends cyclocross on Saturday, will skip worlds to continue focusing on the road. Photo: Tim De Waele | TDWsport.com

Three-time world cyclocross champion Zdenek Stybar confirmed there won’t be a fourth, at least not this season.

The 29-year-old Stybar said he’s racing a handful of cyclocross races this season “for fun,” but admitted he’s nowhere near what it would take to challenge for the rainbow stripes in Heusden-Zolder on January 30-31.

“Zolder is not really a course for me,” Stybar told Het Nieuwsblad. “It’s too technical. And if you want to go well at the worlds, you have to train and prepare specifically for it. The [world championships] are certainly not an option in 2016.”

The Czech superstar participated in an exhibition race over the weekend in Belgium at an event called “Boonen and Friends,” and said that the handful of cyclocross events he plans for this season will be fun and for training, not to win.

Stybar earlier indicated that he would race up to five cyclocross events this season, but stepped back from that commitment. Stybar has been linked to start at events at Diegem (December 27), Loenhout (December 29), Bredene (December 30), Bale (January 1), and Leuven (January 3).

“I will decide by next week how many cyclocross events I will do,” Stybar said. “It certainly won’t be five. More like two or three. I want to have fun, for the fans and myself. It won’t be to win. I see myself finishing around 10th.”

First in his mind is to prepare for a run at the northern classics next spring on the road, and he wants to do nothing to risk his approach to the important one-day classics over the pavé. Second last year at Paris-Roubaix and at E3 Prijs-Harelbeke, and a winner at Strade Bianche, Stybar wants a “big one” in 2016 on the road.

“I will be at a team training camp in Spain next month,” he said. “We’ll decide everything then.”

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Cycling champ Amanda's just as happy in the rice paddy - The Nation

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 12:21

The Nation

Cycling champ Amanda's just as happy in the rice paddy
The Nation
But her Instagram and Facebook feeds provide quite a charming revelation even for admirers of her extreme-cycling abilities. We're used to seeing pictures of Amanda in full-metal riding gear on the track - complete with a sleek helmet that wouldn't ...

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Wout Van Aert wins in the mud at Hamme

VeloNews - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 10:22

Wout Van Aert celebrates as he wins the Flandriencross, the third round of the Bpost Bank Trofee series. Photo: David Stockman | AFP

Wout Van Aert turned in another dominant performance on Sunday, winning a muddy Flandriencross at Hamme.

The race was the third round of the Bpost Bank Trofee series.

The Vastgoedservice-Golden Palace rider got away on the very first lap and stayed gone to take the win in 58:26, with Sven Nys (Crelan-AA Drink) second at 18 seconds and Kevin Pauwels (Sunweb-Napoleon Games) third at 1:04.

“I am proud of this victory,” said Van Aert, who padded his overall lead in the timed Bpost series. “I immediately got a small lead because someone behind me made a mistake. For me that was the signal to pass through the intermediate sprint to pick up the extra seconds. Then I switched to a pace that I could sustain.”

The chase changed characters throughout, with Nys, Pauwels, Lars van der Haar (Giant-Alpecin) and world champion Mathieu van der Poel (BKCP-Powerplus) all in contention for second, but the leader remained unchanged.

With four laps remaining Van Aert led Nys by 16 seconds with van der Poel, Pauwels and van der Haar a few seconds further down.

It was almost status quo next time through, with Nys pegged at 16 seconds and van der Poel and Pauwels at twice that, with van der Haar gapped. Then Pauwels gave it some stick and got away from the rainbow jersey.

With two to go Van Aert was keeping Nys at bay, with Pauwels firmly in third and van der Poel 45 seconds down.

Van Aert slid out going into the staircase run, but got a foot down and stayed upright. Nys gained a few seconds, but no more than a few. And he lost them again slipping off the high line on a long, muddy off-camber section.

Come bell lap Van Aert showed no signs of slowing down. Nys was mired in second, 14 seconds down, with Pauwels a distant third at 48 seconds.

Indeed, the young Belgian actually padded his advantage on that final go-round. He was 18 seconds better than Nys at the line.

“I’m satisfied with my race,” said Nys. “The first two laps I lost time. I had had to be patient in the pursuit because passing other riders was not easy. Once in second position I could drive an even pace, but the gap did not close. And going into overdrive does not make sense. Then you make mistakes.”

Nys added: “Hats off to what [Van Aert] is showing here. I have made every effort to put him under pressure. This was cross at its best.”

As for Pauwels, he said Van Aert and Nys “were just better.”

The Sunweb rider said he had trouble riding the crucial off-camber section despite a strong start.

“I had a good start but had already in the first lap I had problems on the off-camber,” he said. “I had a pretty good day and I have done the maximum. They were just better.”

Van Aert now leads the Bpost series with a time of 2:56:46. Pauwels sits second at 2:19 with van der Haar third at 2:45.

The next round of the Bpost Bank Trofee series will be December 5 at Essen.

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Helen Wyman holds off Sanne Cant at muddy Flandriencross

VeloNews - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 08:54

Helen Wyman wins the Flandriencross on Sunday. Photo: AFP

Helen Wyman held off Sanne Cant to win the Flandriencross on Sunday at Hamme.

The race was the third round of the Bpost Bank Trofee series.

Wyman (Kona Factory Racing) got the lead early and hung onto it on an exceptionally heavy, muddy circuit. Cant (Enertherm-BKCP) was chasing in second with Nikki Harris (Telenet-Fidea) third.

During the penultimate lap Cant closed on Wyman on one long muddy section that both women had to run. But shortly after remounting a mechanical set her afoot again, running to the pit. Losing second to Harris, the European champ took a fresh bike and launched a furious chase.

Cant caught Harris going into bell lap. The two could see Wyman just ahead. Then Cant took a slight advantage over Harris and went after the British champion.

Wyman had just eight seconds on Cant at the final barriers, but the Belgian lost ground again on the long muddy run, and Wyman hit the pavement with plenty of cushion to celebrate her victory. She won by eight seconds over Cant with Harris third at 24 seconds.

The British champ was delighted to win on a circuit that was “totally different than last year.”

“I just thought, ‘Ride hard, get a good start, and see what happens,’” she said. “I wanted to win. I haven’t had a win since nationals in January.”

Wyman said she knew from the roar of the crowd that it would be a close thing, even after Cant’s mechanical.

“For Sanne everyone goes wild. She’s Belgian. As the cheer was coming closer to me I could tell she was getting closer,” she said.

Jolien Verschueren (Telenet), who finished seventh on the day at 1:29 down, continues to lead the timed series in 2:08:50. Harris sits second at 25 seconds, with Cant third at 1:17.

Harris said she was happy to have made up some time on Verschueren on Sunday and hoped to continue cutting into her advantage with plenty of racing remaining.

“Hopefully I can keep gaining some seconds and win one of them,” she said. “I’m happy I could finish on the podium today.”

The next round of the Bpost Bank Trofee series will be December 5 at Essen.

Race note

Americans Ellen Noble and Emma White finished 12th and 15th, respectively.

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Russian athletes to participate in events in Turkey, with extra security - RIA (Reuters)

Yahoo Sports | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 05:34
MOSCOW, Nov 29 (Reuters) - Russian athletes will participate in tournaments organised in Turkey, with maximum security ensured, RIA news agency cited sports minister Vitaly Mutko as saying on Sunday. Russia introduced a raft of punitive economic sanctions against Turkey on Saturday after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane earlier in the week. Mutko said that the measures that Russia is taking against Turkey will not impact the calendar of international sports federations. (Reporting by Lidia Kelly; Editing by Dominic Evans)
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Team Wiggins dominate in Glasgow

BBC Sport | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 03:15
British duo Owain Doull and Jon Dibben excell as Team Wiggins dominate the Revolution Series event in Glasgow.
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David Millar launches his own cycling tours - Cycling Weekly

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 02:05

Cycling Weekly

David Millar launches his own cycling tours
Cycling Weekly
David Millar has teamed up with Velocamps to create his own cycling tours, offering the chance for up to 25 riders to ride with him in iconic destinations. Described as “premium tours”, riders will be able to ride with four-time Tour de France stage ...

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A Bit Of Turkey Burn

Guitar Ted Productions - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 01:30
Looks can be deceiving. It was cold!It used to be that there was a few of us that would plan on a get-together at the old North Side of The Camp to do a bit of mountain biking the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was dubbed the "Turkey Burn" ride, and we'd always have fun doing that. Generally, it would mark the end of riding out there, as it was either just getting too snowy, or it would by about a week after the ride.

This was before fat bikes were widely available, so when it snowed more than a few inches, and stuck, we were done for the season. The Turkey Burn rides served as a kind of a send off, or a celebration of riding all Summer and Fall out there. Either way you looked at it, I thought they were a great idea.

Now, I am not sure exactly what happened, but the Turkey Burn thing stopped, and we haven't gotten together to do that for several years now. I know folks are out riding this weekend, but it would  seem that everyone is on their own schedules these days. Me? I purposed to partake in my own Turkey Burn ride, but it almost didn't happen. A toilet bowl flapper valve decided to "crap-out" on me Friday during the night. (<===HA!)

Well, once the stores opened up Saturday, I had to go get all the necessary repair bits and make repairs. That took up the good hours of the morning, and then there was lunch with the family, so it wasn't until after 2:00pm that I did finally leave the house.The weather was sub-freezing, so I had to take time in layering up. Fortunately, the wind was minimal out of the Northeast. The funny thing about this time of the year is that when you leave for a ride a bit after 2:00pm, you have minimal light time ahead of you. The Sun was already Westering pretty hard by the time I made my way down South on the bicycle path. I figured on doing only the shorter, Southerly route I do, to make sure I didn't get caught out in the dark.

Turkey Burn Ride- 2009Well, even if I had wanted to, or had the time to go further, I soon was reminded that I wasn't in top form at all. It was a struggle to go fast, and any ups were met with a lot of effort. I was sweating bullets, and my head was producing a lot more gunk than usual. Ugghh........this wasn't pleasant at all. The thing is though, I was out on a bicycle, in the country, and it was rather beautiful out for a late November day. I was complaining to myself at first, but then realizing how fortunate I was, I reversed my attitude the best I could and trundled onward.

So, it wasn't a "real" Turkey Burn ride, with dirt, friends, or challenging twists and turns on a fat tire bike, but it was a nice, peaceful, much needed ride in the country instead. It was a good enough Turkey Burn ride for me, where I am at. I certainly was burning up some energy, as evidenced by my sweat soaked clothes by the time I arrived back at home. The Sun was just kissing the tops of the roofs along my street. Soon it would be quite dark. Late Fall has a way of dropping the night curtain rather quickly. Besides the temperature, as well.

I'll take what I got gladly, and a bit of a "turkey burn" was better than none at all.
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Cycling for Libraries celebrates their service to community - Salisbury Post

Google News | Cycling - Sun, 11/29/2015 - 00:05

Cycling for Libraries celebrates their service to community
Salisbury Post
This past September I was in Oslo, Norway, getting ready for the start of the 2015 edition of Cycling for Libraries when it started to rain. The rain would accompany our group of librarians for most of the first 24 hours of our journey. At 9 p.m. when ...

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Go Means Go! - Sat, 11/28/2015 - 14:35

Victoria, BC. That’s in Canada. It’s called the “Garden City.” It’s the capital city of British Columbia- and is not in Britain or in Columbia. It’s really confusing. Something about history, there is a lot of it there too. Tons of old buildings that I’m sure if they were in Seattle would be torn down- modern glass and steel condos put up in their place.

With the graying of the the team (Hodala) – we’ve taken to renting a big house when we travel for SSCXWC. It means that our “responsibility buddies” make sure everyone gets home, we can drink our own kegs and well- we just like to hang out together. Hodala is much more than a bike racing team- we look out for each other on and off the bike. We had a great house on the water with a hot tub and dock access.  Turns out “dock access” doesn’t mean “water access” and Dirty Randy cut the shit out of his leg (spoiler alert: he was drunk) trying to climb onto the dock out of the Gorge Waters on our first night. This year we channeled this video and it served as inspiration for our shenanigans.


We were checked into our house, our bellies full of beer and bourbon, with hot tub: round one complete- so it was off to Logan’s Pub for the “Totally pointless warm up party.” We drank beers and raced roller sprints, most of Hodala opting to take off our shirts to reduce wind resistance. I won my heat against Nat “Prison Fitness,” which I will take to my grave as one of the only things I will likely ever beat him in. .CA and Hank went head-to-head in something that sort of resembled a slow/strip race. I don’t remember who won- I think the crowd won really, just witnessing such a spectacle. Victoria bars have strict admittance policies, and though we could have crammed twice as many people into the dank little hole that is Logan’s, they shut the doors to those inside and lots of folks found another watering hole to drink at. Meanwhile- those inside were waiting for the place to fill up. Since it didn’t- we opted to return to our house and drink our own, already purchased beer.

We didn’t have food at the house, only a 1/2 dozen bottles of bourbon and two kegs, so I stopped on the way home for some snacks. I saw my light at the end of the tunnel in a Dairy Queen about a mile from the house. “Can I have 15 cheeseburgers and 6 large fries?” I asked the employee.

“15? Really?”


“We close in 30 minutes.”

“Can I buy everything you have back there then?”

“But then we’d have to make more.” (her manager then comes to the front, hearing confusion in both our voices.)

I explain the situation; that I’m not trying to make a ruckus and that I’d just like to buy a bunch of shit to put in our food holes. The manager assures me that it’s not a problem. That they do actually want to sell the food that’s on the menu and that I should order what I want. I see the grill master back at the griddle look sadly at the grill he’s been cleaning and will now have to clean again. Then I get distracted- what is this in the cooler!?! Ice cream cake!”

“Can I get one of these and you write on it?” I ask.

“Sure, it’ll only take a couple minutes.”

I go back to the cooler and pick out the cake that catches my eye. “I’d like this one. Can you make it say “You are horrible people.” and make it as obscene as possible.”

A wry smile on her face she says “I thought you might pick that one.”

My food pyramid of glory balanced in one hand and the other on the bars, I wind my way home without dropping anything, a feat of strength and determination in and of itself- I’m met by those that haven’t gone to sleep yet. Hungry eyes fill with joy, I’m pretty sure I saw a tear of happiness as I unvieled the booty inside. A true thing of beauty- the employees at this particular Dairy Queen are really talented on the decoration tip.

IMG_9480Saturday morning came early. My start time for the feats of strength was set for 10:00. The first heat. It seems that I draw that short straw often at SSCXWC. Party all night and hit it early the next day. The alcohol coursing through my veins thinned the blood that the ice cream and cheeseburgers thickened, but my head was still stuffed up from a head cold that I’d been battling for the week prior. Blowing my nose so much I was getting nose bleeds, riding hard only exacerbated the situation, so I had my nasal decongestant at the ready. I was ready to self medicate the shit out of myself in the name of single speed cyclocross. Had my first couple beers at 9am and it was off towards registration singing my anthem for the day:

Ain’t nothin’ gonna to break my stride
Nobody’s gonna slow me down, oh-no
I got to keep on movin’
Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride
I’m running and I won’t touch ground
Oh-no, I got to keep on movin’

One of my favorite parts of the SSCXWC is the qualifier. It’s the only part I take (somewhat) seriously. Most people want to qualify and it’s a point of pride for me to qualify without cheating. That isn’t the same for everyone. SSCXWC is as serious of a race as you want to make of it. Just because you are fast does not mean you will win. You must navigate the 85% of attendees and participants that are trying to fuck you up on the course. You will get beer thrown on you. You will get pummeled with heckles and maybe even snowballs. If you have a sensitive demeanor- you are probably in the wrong place. That said- when you fall, you will be picked up- put on your bike, handed a beer and sent on your way. We heckle because we love, and sometimes love hurts®. Those in the top three know their results- all other participants should just accept their results as being “not a winner.” It’s better than the results coming back as “positive.”

Sam and Jeff were our ride leaders and they were awesome. The 5 feats of strength were on a “passport.” If you passed you got a white zip tie and if you failed you got a black one. A casual to brisk group ride connected the locations of the feats around the fine city of Victoria- The feats included:

  • The pump track: A stair run up to a sweet downhill pump track. For our group it was set up in 3 teams as a relay. Our team didn’t win. I did my one lap, blew my nose- and the flood gates of blood opened up. Fuck. Oh well. Guess I’ve resigned to drinking my way through the qualifier as opposed to qualifying. I opened another can of Budweiser and went to work.
  • Footdown: I did foot down- because I’m ok at it and it didn’t involve any exertion- I did qualify there. I drank 3 beers.
  • Eliminator: It took place in a sewage leach field. Literally. Local kids have been building a trail of jumps and not so flowy downhill in an area unused by anything else. You got whiffs of anaerobic composting shit as you passed through some areas more than others and here was our miss-and-out race. With not many opportunities to pass, 5 racers went down to 2. I drank four beers.
  • Hell Climb: A steep driveway that finished up at a big fancy house where I told everyone Tim Horton lives. Some of the riders believed me for some reason. I felt a little bad that they did, but I’m a pretty awful person- so I didn’t let it bother me too long. Instead I drank 2 beers and walked up the hill with Sam and Jeff. They told me of a fixed gear race they did at night- that came down this hill. One of the riders didn’t know what they were into and slammed right into the first corner- a 7′ tall stone wall. Ouch.
  • Sand Trap: We rode through a beautiful park (which bikes aren’t supposed to ride in, “sorry”) to a beach that was not sand, but gravel. The object: to ride as far down the beach as possible- farthest 5 riders getting the coveted white zip tie. There were two groups. Those that made it 20′, and those that made it 1/4 mile. It was a polarizing affair. I hung out at the far end of the beach, marking the longest distances ridden- and drank 2 beers.

Returning to my bike- turns out I pinch flatted coming down to the gravel. Mical Dyck gave me a tube and after a very messy tube swap, we were on the road to Wheelies to turn in our manifests. More beers consumed there as we waited for the rest of the riders to show up- then home for some pizza delivery, ice cream cake and whatever else we could scrounge up.

Giro Party that night, with an alleycat for those that wanted to try their luck again had they not made it into the race during the qualifier. Then home for a hottub and more beers.

Raceday morning. The costumes were out- beers flowing at 9am. We weren’t going to make the group ride- but we were rolling 15 deep and making our own group. No one was racing the first race anyway. It was about 45 minutes of riding- and we passed the sign going into the venue thinking there was another entrance and not seeing any cars, bikes or other indicators that anything was going on. We doubled back after realizing that must be it and rolled in. Western Speedway.


Photo by Dillon Clapp.

The womens race was met with a healthy number of beer hand ups and friendly heckling. Smiles on their faces, even beneath the mud. Mical Dyck started in the top 5 and finished in first- looking just as strong in the end as she did in the beginning.

The mens race was like the women’s but with far more dicks on bikes. Adam Craig had some competition- though ended up taking the win in the end. That means win number 4.

So congratulations to Mical Dyck and Adam Craig! Everyone else: thanks for playing.


Adam Craig’s winner tattoo. Spelled incorrectly. “Sorry.” Photo via SSCXWCVic FB page.

The ride home was amazing. A Canadian that sounded English took us under his wing and brought us back through a linked route of double track and off road trails. It was super fun and we were lucky to find such a guide. He stopped to show us the spot to get us home. Thanks, guy- whoever you are.

Then we were home and we decided it would be a good idea for DR to climb into an inflatable doll’s skin a la Buffalo Bill or Ed Gein:


The next two days were spent relaxing at our amazing digs and we had a parting breakfast with the organizers on our last day in town. Drew, Andrew and Parker as well as all the others involved, nice work. It’s time to relax and take a deep breath. Next year it’s party time. The ride home took much longer than planned due to a cancellation of the clipper and reroute through Port Angeles and a motor coach ride- but we made it.


Photo by Dillon Clapp


Also- Victoria worked with Raleigh to put together one of the best looking SSCX bikes out there together and they’re selling framesets. $666USD. That’s $840CAD. Here’s a sweet build that Broad St. Cycles did. Get yours HERE


Photo via Broad St Cycles


As with most things these days there were some sweet edits to come out of the event- below are 4 of them. They put into moving pictures some of the things I wrote above.


As for next year- it marks 10 years since the beginning of SSCXWC. Though many cities wanted the opportunity to host- it seemed appropriate to send it back to it’s origin, Portlandia.


So we’ll see you next year.

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Lyne Bessette: New documentary highlights Canadian's successful, clean cycling ... - Cyclingnews.com

Google News | Cycling - Sat, 11/28/2015 - 12:00


Lyne Bessette: New documentary highlights Canadian's successful, clean cycling ...
A new documentary that highlights the outstanding cycling career of Canadian Olympian Lyne Bessette, who is a strong advocate of clean sports, was released Thursday evening on RDS, a French-language channel owned by CTV Specialty Television in ...

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After cycling in 'Piku', Amitabh Bachchan rides scooter for 'Te3N' - The Indian Express

Google News | Cycling - Sat, 11/28/2015 - 10:16

The Indian Express

After cycling in 'Piku', Amitabh Bachchan rides scooter for 'Te3N'
The Indian Express
... instructions carefully prior to the shot. Filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh is the creative producer of thriller “TE3N”. The film also stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Vidya Balan. In “Piku”, Big B as the 70-year-old Bhashkor Banerjee, had cycled around in north ...
After cycling in 'Piku', Big B rides scooter for 'Te3N'Business Standard

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2015 Gift Guide: Over $100

VeloNews - Sat, 11/28/2015 - 09:25

Chrome Kharkiv backpack


Chrome’s Kharkiv backpack is sleek in size and weatherproof for all-season commutes. The easy-access laptop sleeve accommodates computers and tablets of up to 15 inches and the padded loft pocket keeps valuables neatly tucked away for safekeeping. Mini seatbelt buckles on the outside of the bag fit around a helmet for easy storage when off the bike. Plus, the buckles look pretty cool too.

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